How to Turn Employees into Employer Brand Ambassadors?

Your best employer brand ambassadors are your employees. They are the most trusted source of truth about how your company works. If you want to tell the story of your company, they are your best storytellers. Learn how to encourage them to share a compelling story about your company and help you recruit top talent! 

Your most compelling argument for working with you are your employees themselves. That’s why employer review sites are so popular - because past and present employees can tell the true story of how a company really functions. 

Your employees can contextualize the benefits and policies that set you apart. For instance, an employee might share how flexible work hours allow him to pick his kids up from school. 

Always remember that your employees are the most trusted source of truth about how your company works. When they livetweet a conference or post a photo of a team event to Instagram, they are extending the reach of your employer brand beyond your LinkedIn followers. 

The people behind your product are what make your company human and interesting. If you want to tell the story of your company, they are your best storytellers. 


5 ways to turn your employees into employer brand ambassadors

Here are 5 ways you can start turning your most engaged employees into employer brand ambassadors:

1. Keep your employees informed

Did your company launch a new product or a splashy new advertising campaign? Make sure your employees are in the loop. Though organic reach is harder to crack than ever, employees will want to share content that makes their employer (and, by extension, them) look good. 

Smarp Communications reports that “one employee share generates about 4 clicks on Facebook on average”. Whether it’s an internal newsletter or a company intranet, find a way to deliver interesting, shareable company news to employees.  

2. Encourage your employees to share their working experience

More and more companies are encouraging employees to share their day-to-day working experiences with a company-wide hashtag. Hootsuite posts blogs, stories about employees, and photos of team events under the hashtag #HootsuiteLife. 

By allowing employees to post about their experiences at work (with some guidance, of course), positive word-of-mouth will spread across their networks, and you’ll be able to collect content to share the best photos on your company’s official accounts.  

3. Organize employee events

Events and company outings are a great way to treat employees to activities they might not experience otherwise. 

Unconventional team-building events like ax-throwing, rafting, or ropes courses give employees the opportunity to get outside of their comfort zone, get to know each other and get invested in the company culture. Not to mention, fun work-sponsored events are incredibly Instagrammable. 

4. Let employees write on your blog

Does your company have a company’s career blog? If so, you can enlist the help of your employees to tell people what it’s like to work with you. A blog post from an employee showcases that employee’s personality while highlighting a corporate culture that values its people. 

Blog posts are also a great way to introduce new employees to the company and to customers. By answering a few interview questions about their work, hobbies, and motivations, a new employee might encourage job seekers with similar interests to apply. 

5. Brand your employee gifts

The holidays are coming up, and many companies use this time of the year to send employees home with a little something extra. If you’re planning on purchasing company-wide gifts for employees, it might be a good opportunity to spread the brand. 

When employees unbox that awesome Bluetooth speaker and tell their friends about their company Christmas gift, your logo will make its way into the photo, too.